Lighted curio cabinet, cracked mirror - $15 Cool curio cabinet!
Cuisinart, missing spatula - $15 The mixer detaches, so it can be a hand mixer or a stand mixer, which is pretty nice. Not as good as a kitchenaid, though!
Mix mix mix
Tall chair, set of 2 (only one pictured) - $20 for both A chair for short people?
Sunset Grove By Noble Essence - $15 What you see is what you get here. One large plate has a chip as does one mug. 12 large plates, 6 medium, 11 bowls, 8 mugs, creamer, sugar.
Yes, I broke 6 of the medium plates. :( So pretty!
Mugs/tea cups with a W monogram (8) - $5 When we got these, we thought the people giving them to us gave us W mugs for THEIR last name. We've never used them
Elliptical - $10 This is the elliptical I used to have in my cube. I took it home because it started clicking. Seems to work fine still, but the clicking continues. I didn't want to annoy everyone at work with the constant click-click-click. I'm sure someone handy could fix it.
Baby elliptical
Ninja blenders, includes a small and large with blades, covers, and the top piece that does the blending. Only has one setting. - $5 Sneaky blender
Canning jars, half pint, never opened - $3 I don't have anything clever
Flower wall hanging, shadow box? - $5 1, 2, 3
Scrapbook supplies, decorative scissors, stickers, glitter, glitter pens, scrap books GLITTER
Box of yarn, 2 crochet instructions, some needles, and those white plastic sheet things - $10 What are those? Look like carpet base, but plastic.
Misc. fabric, I think everything is 1-2 yards - $10 Quite the mixture
Desk - $20 Who uses CDs anymore?
Cat - free This is Chip. We are looking to find her a new home. She's 2 years old (August 2013). A playful lap cat. Would probably do best without other cats.
Cat in a box
Isn't she cute?

I don't have photos for these right now.

For these mattresses, they may not be ideal due to stains. I don't think we could donate them like that? I do know that when Laurence and I were sleeping on the floor because we couldn't afford a bed, someone's old stained bed was a whole lot better than the floor. I'd rather see them go to someone who could use them than go in a landfill.

4 year old queen mattress - has a stain on it, comes with boxspring and frame - free

14 year old queen mattress - lots of stains, pretty worn. Comes with boxspring and frame - free

Cat tree - It's taller than me and has been well loved by my cats. Could be nice as an outdoor fixture for someone with outdoor cats - free